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I prefer guys with more stamina,
If you know what I mean!

Julia -- 51
What Our Members Think
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Becky, 52

After discovering some of the young men here, I haven't looked back, they’re full of naughty ideas!

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Josh, 33

I started to get a little bit annoyed with women my age. I love trying a new things and pushing the envelope, this is exactly what i've been looking for.

granny singles
Hannah, 54

I've met too many men around my age that just don't deliver the goods. After dating a few younger men, I can see why this trend is catching on!

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Silvia, 49

I was blown away by the amount of energy some of the younger guys have, it's really changed the way I look at things.

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Tracey, 55

After separating from my husband, it was hard to date men the same age, they just lack the passion and creativity, if you know what I mean?

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Anne, 58

I will be the first to admit I prefer younger men. I just never knew where to meet them. MyGrannyDates has opened up all sorts of doors ;)

The Leading Granny Dating Site

Over the last few years the number of members that have joined us has exploded, as more and more younger men are looking to test the waters and experience what it's really like to date a granny. I had the idea to set up this site, after a night out, I got with a woman much older than me, who showed me the real deal. Have you been looking for that one woman that can teach you a trick or two? Wanted her to take control of the situation, letting you relax a little? That is exactly what I experienced. Dating a granny has it’s perks, it was exactly what I was looking for in a woman, and it all happened by accident. Society sees this as less of a taboo these days, and now women over a certain age are free to get with younger men, which the public does not frown upon.

Always Wanted A Granny Date?

Here at My Granny Dates we have grannies with the know-how, and we want younger guy to go ahead and get in the know. The older woman is often well versed in conversation with men, with years of experience under her belt, there is not really much you could say too quickly to offend her. I’m sure you have heard the saying ‘been there, done that’, well it’s the same approach our grannies use, they know the rules, and they know what the younger crowd are looking for, so cut to the chase, because these women have the same thing in mind as you.

Speaking To Granny Singles

I had a friend who would always tell me that I need to ‘meet a granny’ when dating. Until this day I thank him for changing my perception of women, luckily I met a local granny near me, but for some, they are out of reach. That is why this site was created, to share the experience with more men from all over. Now is your chance. Society no longer dictates who you can and can’t see. The walls are being broken down and increasingly, both older women and younger men are filling their fantasies. The combination of experience which can leave your mind blown, alongside the promise of no commitments, is a very hard proposition to resist - what will you do?

You’re Only As Old As You Feel

Ah, the great age old saying. It is 100% true, the older women here say it time and time again, they love the idea of being with someone junior to them, because it makes them feel young. On the flip side, the younger men report back the experience they have gained, and how it even helps them with the younger ladies. So it’s really a win-win here. They say the only way to get better at sport is to play against an opponent who is better than you. You want to improve your game between the sheets? Start here.