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I prefer guys with more stamina,
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Julia -- 51

Mature Dating Sites Have Exploded

In recent times, mature dating has really exploded. How has this happened? Well, more and more older singles are discovering the ease of use with dating sites online which had led to a massive shift in how people go about finding dates. The most interesting thing about dating online, is the great mix of old women who do not beat around the bush (they let you do that), and the fact that they are not scared to speak their mind online. Our members are warm and welcoming, but also do not enjoy the longer conversations, if you are looking for a mature female to date, you better get straight to the point, or there is the danger of putting her off.

Top Three Reasons To Date Mature Women Seeking Men

1) Experience - There is nothing more attractive than a woman with experience, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you throw it a bone, and be sure that it will know what to do with it. This is not a joke. I have had encounters with some women who have shown me things I wouldn’t have dreamt of.

2) Confidence - The older woman knows herself very well. Additionally, she also knows how a guy may be feeling, if you are showing signs of being a little nervous, it can actually play to your advantage, the older woman will get closer and comfort you. On the flipside if you are showing bulletproof confidence? She will be sure to step down and let you take the lead. Either way, meeting a mature lady is a pretty good way to have a pleasing date.

3) Independance - you don’t need to worry about her having a breakdown because you didn’t call or message her. Mature women understand that you have a life too and will not bring you down on that. This plays out especially great for those guys who are busy building their career and working, who wants all those texts and calls to respond to anyway? The granny will let you do what you need to do, and when you want a bit of fun, you know she will be there.

What Your Mature Date Will Be Looking For

Different ladies have different tastes. Women of this age are looking for someone who has lots of energy, and someone who can make them feel young again. The older lady loves a toyboy, she may literally see you as a walking toy, but she will also want the occasional deeper conversation. Try and be open minded in situations with mature ladies, they will have over a decade or two of experience maneuvering in the bedroom than you, so be ready for a few surprises.